Zach & Lindsey


I first met Lindsey at a music festival in Orange County three years ago. We were both in the photo pit waiting for the next band to play when we struck up conversation, instantly became friends, and later, collaborated on this engagement session atop a breathtaking Malibu estate.

We only had 45 minutes to take advantage of the fading sun, while having to cover a lot of ground on the sprawling site. Luckily, we found a perfect little hilltop to perch on, and I focused mainly on capturing the more candid moments while making sure we had some fun too. 

One of the best things about the Los Angeles music community is the camaraderie amongst its photographers. Like a tight knit group, we not only hang out in the pits, but outside the venue as well. We text, we share photos, and more importantly, we talk about what's going on our lives. I was so excited hearing the story about how Zach proposed to Lindsey, from their trip to the Philippines where she's from to gathering the courage to ask her father for permission (on that same trip!) without her knowing. 

Lindsey, being a crafty person that she is, chose one of the hilltop photos from this session for their save the dates, which she sent out on 3x3 refrigerator magnets she printed at home.    

It always nice to pause and capture the little things.