I'm a photographer, editor, and writer based in Los Angeles (in the lovely enclave of Atwater Village).  I’m not a traditional photographer by any means—I document experiences and tell stories for artists, musicians, and mindful couples that want to be in the moment and captured as they are.  

I watch old films, read old books, and collect old cameras to get inspired.  Skateboarding, going to gigs, hanging with my wife Sarah, walking our dog Pearl June (or 'Junebug' these days), and spending time with friends and family are things to look forward to.  And of course, I'm wildly obsessed with all things punk, love, and DIY. 

Being mindful and being present is important to me and my work.  With a cinematic touch, I tend to look for the quiet and calm in a moment.  It's the serene stillness of a boy jumping into a crowd of surf punks or the expression of pure love encapsulated by a bride's smile on her wedding day.  Creating a true document of these experiences is what I'm after. 

Currently seeking West Coast adventures and destination wedding photography.  Get in touch and let's find out how we can work together.

My work has been featured on The BAIT SHOP, Noisey, Interview, Anon, and Monster Children, as well as countless Bandcamp, Instagram, and Facebook profile pictures.



My wife Sarah and I in Big Sur taken by the wonderful Amy Harrity.


L O V E  is years in the making, and aims to capture couples just as they are on the day that kickstarts their greatest adventure yet. From Los Angeles to Ojai to Lake Tahoe, I am only just beginning to explore.


California Sun is part of a larger project called The BAIT SHOP — a visual-based music journal and fanzine that exists to document the local DIY music scenes of Los Angeles and Oakland/San Francisco. My sister Julie and I founded the site together, and are currently working on a redesign to provide a better DIY resource, publication, and guide for the communities we live in.